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Business Closures (Covid-19)

Many spa and massage businesses have chosen (or been forced) to close during this unprecedented time. Unfortunately, no businesses were prepared for this. I have decided to create a quick training regarding business closures. Within this 30ish minute training, you will get tips regarding what to do if you need to close your business temporarily
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Massage Planner

Starting a massage practice is one of the easiest things to do. At least that’s what every massage therapist turned private practice owner will have you believe. I imagine the same is true with estheticians. The truth is, running a business is hard work. There are hundreds of little things that need to be done
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LinkedIn For Your Massage Practice

There’s no shortage of social media platforms to grow your business.  The popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat have absorbed many resources and plenty hours of free time.  My preference has always been LinkedIn. I get asked the same question every time I suggest LinkedIn as a platform.  “How do you use LinkedIn to
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Are you ready for the rush?

We’re in the midst of the 4th quarter!  Every year the same thing happens.  The 4th quarter makes up a significant portion of our income.  And it seems every year we’re never prepared. The first few years in private practice, I knew the trends.  Slow summers, booming winters, and after Mother’s Day meant death on
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10 Lazy Ways To Market

I swear I’m lazy. Especially on the weekends. Wait. Let me not be so hard on myself. I joke that if you want something done quickly, hire a lazy person because they’ll figure out the most efficient way possible to do it. So if you’re lazy…like me…you look for lazy ways to do everything. That
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That Tank Top Is SOOO Unprofessional!

Said no client ever! At least not to me.  If you’ve ever heard a client tell you they won’t come back to you because of the length of your sleeves, chances are they aren’t on your table. I’ve received massages in a few different countries.  Private owned, luxury, hotel, franchise…you name it, I’ve been there.
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I Heard That Massage Therapists Love To Be Paid In Free Exposure

This must be the message someone shared because it seems that every massage therapist keeps getting asked to work events for free. If you’re new to events or don’t have much experience with them, I want to help you all understand when it’s entirely appropriate for brands to ask you to attend for free, pay
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What Set You From?

Pardon me while I take a break from a writing style my readers have come to know and love. For those who can’t understand the title at first glance or didn’t get instant chills, don’t worry. It will make sense by the end. To my LMTs, CMTs, RMTs, BCTMBs! WHERE YOU AT?! This is a
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Not Everyone Can Charge Premium Rates. Here’s Why

If you’re working in the personal service industry and you aren’t charging premium rates, it’s your own fault.  That’s probably not what you were expecting to read, but I’m known for getting directly to the point.  If this is the first piece of work you’ve read from me, you may want to read Stop Discounting
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The Sexy Side Of The Spa And Massage Business

If you’re familiar at all with my writing, you knew damn well when I created that title I had no intention of going on about the sexy side of the industry.  You already know the sexy parts.  Daydreaming about the decor of your treatment room.  Fantasizing over square footage and logos.  Business cards, menus, brochures
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Bubbles And Farts (Happy Mother’s Day)

Adulting is hard.  Especially during crazy social and political issues concerning us today.  I usually steer clear of controversial topics until I can figure out a way to put a humorous spin on them.  Since I can’t, now whenever anyone attempts to discuss the issues of the world with me, my response is “I’m only worried about
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Opinions That Matter

Have you ever run into someone and they ask what you do?  Then you tell them you own a massage practice and they’re like “OOOH! Must be nice! You’re so lucky!”  I think what they envision is you floating around in a robe all day in and out of treatment rooms getting free services.  It must

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