Who We Are

Hi there!

As a former licensed massage therapist, I understand your journey first hand. You were an eager massage school grad determined to work for yourself. You've worked at a few places, but never received the what you believed you deserved. You decided to start your own private practice. You may have even failed at the first attempt or two.

You offered discounts, specials, and still can't seem to find and grab the attention of your ideal audience. When you do finally gain momentum, you're left burnt out and feeling exhausted with no energy left to manage the actual business.

You find yourself down endless rabbit holes left trying to piece it all together. I know this because it was me. But it doesn't have to be that way.

What We Do

We help massage and spa businesses find better clients who are willing to pay a premium for the valuable services you provide. We do that by:

  • Improving your online presence
  • Bridging the communication gap between you and your ideal clients
  • Provide ongoing strategic support so you aren't left to do it alone

If you're ready to begin taking real steps to begin establishing yourself as the expert that you are, set yourself apart from the competition, and start demanding a premium price for your services, take the next step.


Spa Analytics Promise

Spa Analytics delivers an outstanding customer experience by maintaining the Spa Analytics Promise:

  • All Solutions Are Fully Customized
  • All Clients Receive Full Attention
  • All Strategies Remain Fully Confidential
  • All Projects Receive The Same Passion