Who We Are

Welcome to Spa Analytics.  The journey began with one massage therapist determined to have control over her own financial independence and lifestyle.  Quickly realizing the challenges of business ownership, she sought out a consultant to help navigate the many pitfalls and balance the demands of clients and business.  Unable to find a firm willing to focus on independents, she made it her mission to create one.  Spa Analytics was founded to strengthen the independent names.  We focus only in the spa, massage and salon industry, catering our services to promote quality and individualism that is slipping away one chain at a time.  Spa Analytics helps ignite the passion within each owner and executes their vision for the customer to experience and enjoy.  We love what we do and strive to deliver our promise to our customers each year.

- Kamillya Hunter, Owner and Founder

What We Do

We commit ourselves to providing solutions to real problems faced by independent owners.  Since discovering that 90% of independent owners are failing, we've became obsessed with changing that narrative.  We work with owners to build financial literacy, create a brand and message that resonates with their ideal client and build all the little details that WOWs your clients every time!

We listen to you and provide a custom solution to fit your needs.  We assess where you are work with you as your personal navigation to take you to where you're trying to go.  Avoiding common pitfalls and roadblocks along the way.  When you work with Spa Analytics, you can be certain your success is our priority.  Every person on our team is committed to you!  Check out our solutions and products!

Spa Analytics Promise

Spa Analytics delivers an outstanding customer experience by maintaining the Spa Analytics Promise:

  • All Solutions Are Fully Customized
  • All Clients Receive Full Attention
  • All Strategies Remain Fully Confidential
  • All Projects Receive The Same Passion