This Year We're Headed To Atlanta!

Join us in Atlanta for a life-changing live workshop! As owners, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the business side of this industry. We expect our staff to improve their skills through continuing education and advanced training. The same applies to the business owner.

We're changing things up this year and offering this course live in person AND ONLINE! If you can't make it to Atlanta, there's still time and space to register for this workshop online and gain all the same benefits just as if you were there in person. Ask questions, get answers, and go put it to use!

Why Register For The Details That Matter?

According to industry research, 90% of spa and massage practices are not profitable.

Because of this, Spa Analytics strips away all the flash and flair to which we have become accustomed. This one-day seminar takes an intense look at the Details That Matter when running a successful spa and massage practice. Here’s what we’ll cover:


Whether you’re a new business owner or have been around for years, your marketing can never take a back seat. We’ll cover creative and effective marketing strategies that have proven to be successful. Marketing should not be a reactive process. We explore ways to proactively market your business with even the smallest budgets to help improve your return on investment.


If you’re like most spa and massage professionals, sales is probably your least favorite part of business. Selling is an art that requires a certain level of finesse and skill that can be perfected by learning the right tools and with practice. Once mastered, the phrase “I hate sales” won’t roll so easily off the tongue. It will be embraced as a necessary part of a successful business.

Customer Service:

Customer service is more than just the time the client walks through your door. It begins the moment they come into contact with your brand both on and offline. Discover ways to make sure you’re delivering great service long before your client makes the decision to give you their business.

Passive Income:

Income obtained from hands-on physical labor can only gain us so much. There are only so many hours and days. There is only so much one person can physically do. Explore ways to begin bringing in passive income. Protect yourself from mental and physical burnout. Allow yourself to continue generating income whether you’re sick, injured, or taking a much-needed vacation.

Maximizing Profits:

Many spa and massage practice owners have not spent enough time analyzing the numbers that matter in their business. You cannot improve what is not measured.

We’ll zero in on important metrics to make sure your business is more profitable. This piece is all about improving in areas that increase revenue and cutting the wasteful expenses in areas such as client acquisition, client spending, retention and simple waste.

This one-day event is perfect whether you are a solo practitioner or an owner with a full team of professionals. Register today to secure your spot and start focusing on The Details That Matter


Seminar Location:

Atlanta, GA

Event Date/Time: 

September 30, 2018 | 8am – 4pm


Food and Beverages

Ticket Pricing:

On or Before July 31st: $249
After August 31st: $299
Registration Ends: September 15, 2018

Refund Policy:

100% Refund: 30 Day Notice
50% Refund: 14 Day Notice
No Refunds: Less than 14 Day Notice

Cancellation Policy:

If course is cancelled by instructor, students will receive 100% refund within 14 days.