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All seminars are NCBTMB approved for 6 CE Credits! That means not only are you gaining valuable information to help grow your business, you're also able to use the credit towards your license renewal (depending on your state requirements).



July 17, 2017 - Sorry You Missed It!!  See other cities below!

The Details That Matter (Dallas)


October 15, 2017 - Sorry you missed this one, too. There's still one more chance in Atlanta!


December 03, 2017 - Reserve Your Spot For The LAST Date This Year!

E-book: Success of a Failed Therapist


Price: $14.99

Success Of A Failed Therapist is without pictures or images.  It is void of all the glitz and glam to which we have become accustomed in this industry and gets directly to the point.   It’s a motivational and professional resource for the spa business and massage practice owner.  This is intended for serious business owners who are trying to turn the corner with their company.

Massage Therapist Pitch Bundle

Massage Therapist's Pitch Bundle

Price: $35

The Massage Therapist's Pitch Bundle is packed full of email templates and phone scripts to get you started.  From hotels, doctors offices, schools, events and everything in between, this bundle provides you with the tools to get you on their radar.  Whether you are looking to get donations, exclusive referrals, or secure a paid event this is your professional resource.